The inspiring philosophy of the Studio is to work at the disposal of the customer.

The request of professional services is conferred by the customer to the Studio by signing a letter of mandate, which specified the issues for which the assistance is needed, the general conditions of services and the prior quantification of the fees, based on the application of the Chartered Accountants tariffs, approved by D. P. R. 10 October 1994, n. 645 and subsequent amendments.

The customer, in conferring the mandate, shall also compile a “Customer form”, containing the personal and statistics data for the activity performed, and return the authorization for the treatment of personal data signed, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law. The work entrusted to the Studio are executed in the most absolute respect for the deadlines agreed with the customer, especially in cases of urgency. Studio Manzi plays all the activities which constitute prerogative of the professional qualification of “accountant” and “auditor”.

For instance, is possible to distinguish such activities in the following three areas:

Imprese Professioni Privati
Corporate Professional Private